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Suggested Activities

Tourist Attractions
In Sovata Health Spa:

Bear Lake (Medve-tó)

The Bear Lake was created by a natural geological event on May 27, 1875 at 11am. This is the only lake in the whole world, the origin of which is known up to the minute. Sovata is largest festival is the Bear Lake Days when we celebrate the birthday of the Bear Lake. It is the world’s largest heliothermic lake and the only one in Europe. The heliothermic phenomenon means that the lake is heated by sunlight and its water is kept warm by the spring water found on the top of the salt water. The lake’s mud and salt are well known for their thereupeutic effects, which are the foundation of health treatments for numerous conditions, such as dermatological, gynecological, rheumatic, and allergic.
Other Lakes to visit: Nut Lake (Mogyorósi-tó), Oriole Lake (Rigó-tó), Red Lake (Vörös-tó), Green Lake (Zöld-tó), Piroska Lake, Tivoli Lake

Old villas and magical wooded paths that surround the salt lakes

In Parajd (10 km):

Parajd Salt Mine

Hundreds of meters under ground, down in the mine, there is a sanatorium for those that suffer from asthma and respiratory disorders. There is a playground for little kids, an amusement park, a restaurant, a café, a non-denominational chapel, a photo gallery, and souvenir shops.

Zeteváralja Reservoir (60 km)

Suggested Summer Activities

Swimming, Spa, Wellness

Bear Lake and Nut Lake (500m through the woods on a dreamy forest path; 3km by car)

Belvedere Hotel (100m)

            Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, dry sauna, steam room, salt water tub with Jacuzzi


Horse and Carriage ride:
Canoeing at Tivoli lake (15 minute walk through the woods)
Adventure park at Tivoli Lake (15 mins walk) or in the Salt Mine in Parajd (10 km)
Vármező Trout Fishing area and restaurant (17 km)
Fishing opportunities in the lake found between Kibéd and Sóvárad (10 km)

Mezőhavas Mountains (8-12 hrs)
Bekecs Peak (6-8 hrs)
Tyukász Hill (2-3 hrs)
Cseresznyés mountain hill: (4-5 hrs)

Off road 4×4 adventure

2 hour “time travel” ride on authentic steam engine driven train To Vármező and back

Sightseeing train ride through Sovata (30 mins)

Bus tour to Szekler villages

Suggested Winter Activities

Traditional Hungarian Pig Butchering
Horse pulled sleigh ride
Visit to Salt Mine in Parajd (10 km)
Bus tour to Szekler villiages Spa, Wellness, Swimming
Belvedere Hotel (100 m)Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, dry sauna, steam sauna, salt-water tub with Jacuzzi