• Pool

  • Double Room

  • Bathroom apartman

  • Covered bench

  • Sauna

  • Jakkuzi

  • Building 3 and dining room

  • Terrace Quadrupla room

  • Swimming pool

  • Németh Pension building 2

  • Németh Pension building 1 and 2, swimming pool

  • Outdoor hot tub filled with salt spring water

  • Quadrupla room with garden view

  • Bathroom Quadrupla room

  • Qauadrupla room bunk bed

  • Quadrupla room

  • Quadrupla rooms with garden view


Street Address: Rachitei nr.46, Sovata Bai, Mures, Romania ;
Phone: +40734 937 770 ;
E-mail: contact@pensiuneanemeth.ro

We would love to welcome you to our brand new, spa-equipped, comfortable guesthouse. To ensure that your stay with us is exceptionally pleasant, we would be delighted to assist you with recommendations on the numerous activities for the whole family in this picturesque town. Our guesthouse has state-of-the-art spa facilities, including a sauna and a salt bath, and is surrounded by wooded hills. We are happy to offer recommendations for activities that will provide insight into the rich history and unique cultural heritage of this region.